Home Sleep Apnea Testing

What is home sleep apnea testing?

This test is done in the comfort of your home to diagnose moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea. During the test a ResMed ApneaLink device is used to measures 3 different signals: airflow, oxygen saturation, and respiratory effort. 



Our staff will instruct you on how to use the device either in person or via an instructional video (home sleep study video). Written instructions are also provided. Testing is completed over 1 to 3 nights. Once testing is completed and the unit returned, the data is downloaded, reviewed and interpreted by Dr. Gowda.  The test results will be reviewed with you followed by recommendations for treatment if positive.

What can you do to ensure the testing is done properly?

Follow your normal daily routine, don’t nap during the day and avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening. Understanding and applying the sensors properly is very important. Watching the video will be very helpful.

When is home testing not appropriate?

There are medical conditions (heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, neuro-muscular diseases, certain medications, and other conditions) where an in lab sleep study (polysomnogram) is advised. It is also possible that the data on the device is not adequate and this may result in need of an in lab sleep study.

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